A weekend in Lancaster County.

I visited my family this weekend in Lancaster, PA. Specifically to see my Mom’s new musical. The world premiere of “Georgia O’Keeffe: A Woman On Paper” with the Lancaster Opera Company. I felt so proud of my Mom and everyone who worked to bring this project to life on stage.  I laughed, cried, caught up with good friends, met new ones, got back to my roots. (Whoopie pies and black and white cookies… you slay me.)

You can take the girl out of Pennsylvania, but you can’t take the Pennsylvania out of the girl.

Show program.

Riding to the show. VIP's, back seat of the hybrid Camry, yo.

My sister's sassy shoes.

The composer (with adoring fans...)

Gala chocolates - an homage to the infamous O'Keeffe cow skull.

Tea party (*Pemberley Geisha Green Tea!) at the Lancaster Arts Hotel.

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