Losing my camping virginity.

I spent a weekend (a two night stand – !) losing my camping virginity to Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Oregon. I was nervous about it, but as soon as I realized camping is all about fire, S’mores and whiskey, I had hearts in my eyes. It’s a lovely, clean, safe camp site  in southern OR. A long ride from Portland, but well worth the trip. You fall asleep to the sound of (real) ocean waves and wake up to the low buzz of hummingbirds, while tucked in amongst skyscraping trees. There’s a little town with plenty of vintage shopping (I nearly came home with a gramophone I didn’t need), breakfast places (holy chocolate chip pancakes), a ginormo Fred Meyer and even a hipster bar.

It was also the last weekend I spent with my dog Poquito, before sending him off to his new, loving owners. As it turns out, he loves camping too (and spazzy running on the beach, and eating hot dogs and farting.) An amazing weekend in the wild! (With running water, toilets and showers. Don’t judge. I like my amenities…)

Harris Beach.

The woods along the coast.

Poquito gets to know a Rogue Chocolate Stout.

Sun breaking through the clouds.

Bat ears.

K on the rocks.


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