The Swifts.

Alriiiiiight… I finally did it. I had a night off (on a freakishly warm autumn day) and I witnessed the flight of the Swifts into the Chapman Elementary School chimney. These birds gather in the hundreds, swirling around the sky like a wild tornado, until the precise moment when they form a tight funnel and pour into the chimney to sleep for the night. It’s pretty fantastic to watch. I was busy trying to snap a nighttime photo of high speed wildlife when – A HAWK – swooped in for a bird-snack! And why not… there were seemingly billions of Swifts to pick from.

Good people of Portland… this hawk thing seems to be a normal (yes, natural) occurrence. Anyone who’s seen the Swifts has probably seen a badass hawk dive in like a ferocious dog into a pile of baby bunnies. Why does no one mention this!! That you’ll likely see the cold blooded murder of an innocent bird just stylishly trying to get a good night’s rest.

…Or. Is that why we go…? Yes, we like the Swifts, the people watching and that sweet little boy who sells cookies in his front yard. But, man. That hawk can really put on a show…

Montgomery Park sign at night.

Chapman Elementary. Watching the sky...

Swifts diving into the chimney.

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