The whole fam damily!

My family came to visit! For the first time ever, they were all here at the same time. I love these people. Because they’re just like me. I’m kidding. I love em cause they’re not like me (…at least not all the time). Here’s what we did when “we” weren’t seeing my show too many times for one weekend:

Looking into Cacao from the street...

Took a dip in some drinking chocolate at Cacao. Then kicked back like movie stars in the digs at Hotel Deluxe.

One Deluxe Lounge

When my Dad finally drew the line at too much shopping (is there such a thing?!), we struck out into the wildnerness to hike Multnomah Falls. A train passing through, Coho Salmon in the river… perfection.

The beginnings of fall...

Dewy droplets

If they had been holding hands in this moment, it would have been a Kay Jewelers ad.

Photo op at the top of the Falls.

This is screaming gift shop spoon. Or plate. Or smashy penny.

Waterfall as hat couture.

There were burritos. La Bonita, I carry you in my heart. And my thighs until I get back into kickboxing more regularly – but MAINLY my heart.



There was also an incident with a S’mores Waffle (sweet pancakes, did we add ice cream to it too?) from Flavour Spot.

Flava Flav.

Then there was this little gem on Mississippi – which is full of brilliant vintage shops, breweries, cafes and boutiques – but this place stands out to me. As a magical land of salt, chocolate… and efflorescence. (I had to look that up and even now I’m not sure it’s right, here.) The Meadow.


Ok, they're flowers. I'll stop using the big words. Flowers.

Himalayan salt blocks. Good for curing, displaying and also licking.

There was a mysterious trip through Powell’s…

Pretending to read.

Cats! Telling us what to do!

And the grand finale… the long anticipated late-nite visit to Potato Champion. Get outta town poutine. And perfect pommes frites to smother in delicious sauces. Even on a cold and rainy Saturday nite, it was killer people watching. My sister and I always say that we eat our way through Portland when she visits every year. But it’s true. Portland is so foodie-licious, we just can’t help ourselves.

We're all Potato Champion(s).

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