Frankie say re-LAX.

I’m here! I know we missed each other. SO. I’m jumpin in. [Sploosh.] — That was me doing a badass cannonball into the pool. Mainly because I don’t know how to dive in a pretty way that doesn’t involve a bellyflop and a massive amount of water up my nose. I am now a 2-month resident of beautiful (truly) Los Feliz in mostly sunny Los Angeles, CA. After a solid first week of GPS-ing the post office, the nearest Starbucks, my own apartment, I’m feeling pretty rockstar about my neighborhood at least. What? You wanna know where the best place for cheap fish tacos IS? I know that. What? Umami Burger? You bet. What? Someplace outside my 1 mile radius? …just a sec, lemme plug in my GPS.

I wanted to start out with the most epic landmark I’ve beholdened with mine own eyes. And it’s just a quick drive from my apt. (We don’t use our legs here. But I try to as much as I can!) I had heard of this beauty from a few friends who gushed over the view, and its free-ness. But I didn’t comprehend any of that until I saw it first hand, at sunset. The actual state of the art observatory was closed the day we trekked up the hill, but it was almost like instant transport to Greece. Probably the glowing sun on the white walls, and the blue sky… Griffith Park Observatory.

I think that yellowy haze has a name. But look at those blue parts!

I don't think we're in LA anymore. (Yes we are).


Epic sunset.

Off the beaten path, not far from the Observatory.

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