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Shit show (It’s fun to be sober, watching drunk people).

28 Feb

This is not the play I saw. Although, this one already seems more interesting...

This weekend, I saw the worst play ever. I generally like to be positive about the theatRe – I know what kind of work it involves on all accounts. But hoooolyyyy yikes, this play was bad. I won’t say the name. But I will give my opinion. Let me just hit some key points. Heralded as “LA’s longest running play”: It’s a house party, 17 people strong, all in theme-y costumes. Most of the action takes place in the bathroom, center stage. (Ok so far, right?) There’s awkward maybe/maybenot-lesbian kissing, there’s a drunk AA member having schizophrenic monologues with his sobriety chip, there’s a rape, there’s lots of mumbling, there’s dialogue that goes nowhere, there’s pot, there’s coke, there’s a gay man dressed as a clown who’s constantly calling his dead boyfriend, there’s a Ritalin nerd (my favorite character of the show – he made it easy to watch, but he was featured so little), there’s a GIRL WHO TALKS LOUD and thinks everything is bugged by the government, there’s a domestic beating of the show’s lead female by her boyfriend – she dies on stage as he, dressed in a lion suit, punches his own hand and then kicks the ground behind a cabinet – like you’d absolutely not do in a real fight. He then gives a draggingly long speech to her dead body about how he’s a white man and she’s a woman and he “owns this land”. When we were released from our audience folding-chair-prison, there was no quick dash out the door. We were greeted by every single actor, in their costumes, with “Thank you for coming! Did you enjoy it?” We weakly replied with “….yyyyyeaaaahhhh!” and “thank you!” Hands down, the best line of the show – as enjoyed by all us girls that nite – was “YOU GAVE BRAD AIDS!” $20, 2+ hours, no intermission. (Sigh.) God bless these actors who are “working in LA” and who love their show. If anything, it’s a message to us all: Anyone can do it!!

Image by HCPS



25 Feb

I discovered Verameat (<–40% off your purchases today!) through Urban Outfitters. She’s quite a prolific animal/monster jewelry artist and I fell in love with her at “Hi I’m French” (#1). I love Frenchies! And giant cocktail rings! Here are my picks from her line: 1. “Hi I’m French” ring 2. “Godzilla Robot” necklace 3. “Stealth Bomber” 2-finger ring 4. “Everybody’s Talkin” 2-finger ring 5. “Puppies” 2-finger ring 6. “Dino Kiss” bracelet 7. “Dino Sink” postcards 8. “Hibernation Hump” 2-finger ring. I also like to think 2 and 3-finger rings are cleverly disguised brass knuckles for chicks who might need to knock someone out in a fight. [POW!] Happy weekend everybody!

Confessions to a Jasmine plant.

24 Feb

Star Jasmine. No YOU'RE the star! (No YOU are!)

Star Jasmine. You captivate me with your siren scent. Your pale pinks. Your Spider Man like wall-climbing ability. Your… star-y-ness. You took me by surprise, but you had me at “hello, flower” on that morning jog. Who are you? Where did you come from? Don’t tell me. You fell from Heaven, obviously. I’m so transfixed on you, I look for you everywhere. I think I smell you and then you’re nowhere to be seen. How do you do that!… You minx. I want to share everything with you. Like how I hated leggings until I got here and saw people wearing them in all different ways… and now I wear them. Too. They’re like fashionable sweatpants. To be honest, I even have my eye on jeggings. I don’t know myself anymore – pants? Tights? No pants? — I’m like a giddy schoolgirl! And, also how I thought Trader Joe’s had no selection and never gave it a shot and now I’m singing the praises of individually packaged TJ’s beets. And $2.99 cartons of blueberries. And chocolate at the register I didn’t think I needed, but I do, Jasmine, I do. What is this new world you’ve opened up to me? Spring? Summer? Where am I? Life is so much smellier with you in it. In a good way. Now that we’ve found each other, I hardly remember what Ranunculus even smells like or how he spells his name… Or what Peony ever meant to me. It’s you, Jasmine. Only you.

Photo rephlection.

22 Feb

This is me and my little sister. Sitting in a chair, in 1980-Plutowasaplanet. I remember really liking those cord overalls. And not liking turtlenecks (see how it’s stretched out around my neck). I hated the way turtlenecks grabbed on to my Adam’s apple. I also totally thought I had an Adam’s apple. I thought everybody did! She was the cute one with her bowl cut, curly lashes, tiny hands. I was still hanging on, but my cuteness had quickly worn to “older sister”. The one who helped out, instead of getting all the attention. You can see it in my face. A half smile. A sadness. (I’m kidding). *We’re not even touching. But our smiles are pretty limp in this picture. Judging by the Polaroid already in my lap, where we’re in the same outfits, I’m guessing this wasn’t our first pose of the day. Nor our most natural. My Dad said recently that she and I will look the same if you fast forward 80 years. It’s true! …Kind of smushed into an oversized velour chair, feigning a sort of joy… dorky outfits. I clearly see us as old ladies. And because she’s my BFFSisterpants, I love that.

Food+Lab (Attack of Cup’zilla).

21 Feb


Everyone loves Food+Lab. The food is yummy/fresh/organic/nostalgic/inventive/meaty/veggie/boxed/gift-y. An example:

Sandwich, salad and little pickle cup, served atop brown paper on a wooden board.

But the one thing no one really mentions – but that is like a cafe latte elephant in the room – is the size of the CUPS.

Me, praying to the (other, caffeinated) porcelain god.

WHAT! That cup is SO HUGE. And I have big hands, so that’s saying something. You order a single latte, you get a bowl of coffee. And a teaspoon and two miniature little muffins the size of gumballs.

A customer enjoys some tea from the TEABOWL3000!

I have to admit. It’s not a bad thing, Cup’zilla. It’s fun. You feel like a garden gnome, sipping sweet dew from a rose petal. And the obscure import sodas, Kinder-Chocolate, pastries, salads and sandwiches make Food+Lab one of my favorite lunch spots in LA so far.

Ice cream sandwiches... I'll have one of each!

First two images by amorecrushdaily and cafelala.

M+C’s apartment.

18 Feb

C, taking a break from hosting...

During my brief love affair with I-5 South, Portland to LA, I stopped in San Francisco to see some cool artist friends for Thanksgiving, Meghan and Chris. This is their apartment in the Bay Area. I’m still not sure where that is exactly, but all the cool people say it. “I live in the Bay Area…so…” I’m still mistakenly telling people I live in “East LA”, which I don’t. I live east of some people, west of others! So…”The Middle East”. I’ll catch on to this eventually. So, here are a few pics from M+C’s sweet dinner gathering at their place for their very first turkey-cookin Thanksgiving. What a rad apartment and a delicious feast.

Setting the table.

The evening's entertainment."Heart and souuuuuuul...."

M's workspace. I want to be her stenographer...

I like your type.

Art by Kevin Dart.

Get your own Kevin Dart art.

Sweetie pie.

Mixology 101. Little known fact: aluminum foil is used in the the finest cocktails! (

M&M’s spot.

17 Feb

Me, getting fresh with Red and Yellow.

I shot an M&M’s national commercial for the holidays, when I lived in Portland, and wanted to post a few photos for ya. {Even the candy actors have stand-ins.} It was melt in your mouth fun being a “Ho Ho Host” for the day!

Dressing "my house" for the shoot. A beautiful home in NE Portland.

Craft services. Like my cute little buns?

Wardrobe. My dress, hanging in the changing tent. "I strike you dead in the gut" the gentle sunbeam whispers.

Lights, camera, M&M's eating contest! (photo by LAIKA)

"Holiday party" THIS. And Delcie looking so beautiful and demure. (photo by Matt Barbee)


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