A lone cyclist makes me miss Portland. The beautiful Santa Monica beach, does not...

I’ve barely scratched the surface of these two “walks”, but Venice and Santa Monica have these adjoining boardwalks that gracefully curve through some of the most amazing people watchery known to humankind. Score a sweet henna tattoo AND your medical marijuana card, sip on a latte and take a stroll. We had brunch at the Venice Sidewalk Cafe, got some lame fortunes from Zoltar (Merlin! ALSO phoning it in…), tried on slutty dresses, finally found a churros cart, and wrapped things up with margaritas on the end of the Santa Monica Pier. A beautiful day for boardwalkin.

The Sidewalk Cafe, Venice. Greyhounds and coffee do not disappoint.

ZOLTAR: "Ok, wait, so like - put the dollar in face up...yeah - do you have like one that's less wrinkly maybe? I mean it's totally ok if you don't - ugh, we'll just use this one..."

Confession: I wanted this dress. Double confession: That one-handed b**** looked hotter in it than me.

Churros gun.

Goodnite, sun.

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