Q Pop.

Mural by Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. *I want those glasses.

I was invited to the opening of Q Pop’s “What is Q?” in Little Tokyo to see my friends’ work. Chris Turnham, Kevin Dart and Elizabeth Ito created these amazing murals for the gallery. (Check out their stuff! And click on Chris’s site to see painting time lapse magic!). It’s an adorable little space with a lot of cool art/jewelry/clothes/toys. I had my first taste of Japanese street fashion at the show. For a minute I thought I maybe ran into a Little Bo Peep meetup, but these girls totally rocked those frocks. And stripey socks. And giant clocks (not really – sorry, Flava Flav, I got carried away…).

Elizabeth Ito's sweet exterior mural.

Q Pop, Little Tokyo, LA. Gallery opening. Happy success you are!

Giant gold-rabbit-holding-a-fake-diamond cocktail ring?? I'm in Japanese heaven.

Artist people that are taller than me.

Talk to me, Baby.

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