California drivin’.

My license is expiring on my b-day this year: 2/10/11. When I first received my shiny new Oregon ID so long ago, I thought – Pssh! 2011 is a future time where we’ll fly haphazardly by jetpack and talk like tone deaf robots and everyone will like tofu – right out of the package! But I find myself headed to the CA DMV today, to make it official. I plan on making the written test my b****. And then sashaying out of there with a glittery California driver’s license that smells like seashells and money.

As I wait in line, wondering whether they try hard to save you if you’re an organ donor and wishing I had paid more attention in Level I Spanish, I’ll also be thinking of driving my dream car — a ’69 Bronco (Or Broncanus, if you’ve seen “Gentlemen Broncos“) – on a nice wide stretch of open road…

Road trip! 1969 Ford Bronco (minus the dude driving), Pacific Coast Highway, Personalized CA license plate, Carrera “Hot” Sunglasses in red, first cassette tape I ever owned – now available from a seller in the Philippines.

Talk to me, Baby.

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