Shoot: “A Cabin In The Woods”.

8 Feb

Fresh powder.

I flew up to Portland, OR in January to shoot a feature film “A Cabin In The Woods”. It was a fun, snowy break from my current sunny clime. It was, in fact, a week on the mountain at Government Camp. One involving new friends, simulated frostbite, feeling like a movie star when the convenience store clerk asks “are ya shootin that movie?” and I proceed to spill coffee on myself (STARS! They’re just like us!), eyelash extensions, and wearing peep-toes in the snow, like ya do. It was a blast.

Lunch menu at the lodge. Guess it'll be the goulash...and - the bread.

Emie Otis, "Beauty Dominator", makes everyone look prettier.

And scene.

My last day of shooting was spent in a hangar at Hillsboro Airport on an executive jet. Not a bad way to spend the day… relaxing in luxury. I wanted to steal my wardrobe for the shoot… an ultra spendy Italian leather jacket, super sexy black top and a buttery Marc Jacobs bag. Not to mention a sweet {fake} canary diamond engagement ring. Ah well. (Hobo International, I haven’t forsaken you.)

Our director, P.R. Tooke, checking it twice.


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