Non-stop to Brazil.

I like this chick’s expression because it nearly exactly portrays the “emmmmpfhhh–ugh–I’m ok” of a Brazilian wax. *Notice her tight grip on nearby objects. And her determination to exude beauty in the face of torture. “Is that the sun in my eyes or am I dying and going to Heaven?”, she seems to say. My trip to Brazil took me to Gloss in Silverlake. I was greeted by a lovely Armenian woman who said “Sometimes people have concern that I leave only tiny pencil line”. (Pause). Me: “Oh, I want it all off.” (Pause). I motion to the area. Her: “OH! I thought we were doing eyebrows! OK, ok ok ok ok…” I told her it was a jungle down there and she said she wasn’t wearing her safari outfit. Ahhh – a sense of humor – I am home. All turned out well. Appropriate lawncare provided. And I still have all my eyebrows.

On my way out, I accidently got my nails done. On purpose. My sister turned me on to gel nail polish and I was an instant fan. I originally got them done for my shoot, but this time it was for me. They dry almost instantly and they last for weeks without chipping or peeling or doing anything weird. They even allow your nails to grow longer because they strengthen them with the power of unicorns!

Talk to me, Baby.

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