Bejewel yourself, Valentine.

Today is my sister’s birthday! She’s a true Valentine’s Baby. In honor of her and of sweethearts, heart throbs and rock star lovers everywhere, a bit of metal (yeah!) designed to warm the heart, whosoever’s it may be.

I love Yayoi Forest. She does such sweet, detailed jewelry. I own her Melting Love necklace. But you can get these sweet little Melting Heart studs, right here on her site. And then maybe pick out a few other bespoken items…

Show em how you really feel about yourself. Macha Jewelry’s The BombBaby necklace.

Why do I love thee, inappropriate swear words… You are best when thrown into something too saccharine to stomach. This one’s for you and your BFF Valentine. You know what the first “F” stands for now! In God We Trust Best Fuckin Friends necklace.

And this is the pig you will have to slaughter with a hammer (or maybe just remove the cork), in order to pay for your above bedazzles. I secretly want this pig in every color he comes in. I will FIND the pennies to fill him! Dear Baby Valentines Santa, please bring me one of these piglets…! Areaware’s Harry Allen Bank In The Form Of A Pig.

Talk to me, Baby.

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