M+C’s apartment.

C, taking a break from hosting...

During my brief love affair with I-5 South, Portland to LA, I stopped in San Francisco to see some cool artist friends for Thanksgiving, Meghan and Chris. This is their apartment in the Bay Area. I’m still not sure where that is exactly, but all the cool people say it. “I live in the Bay Area…so…” I’m still mistakenly telling people I live in “East LA”, which I don’t. I live east of some people, west of others! So…”The Middle East”. I’ll catch on to this eventually. So, here are a few pics from M+C’s sweet dinner gathering at their place for their very first turkey-cookin Thanksgiving. What a rad apartment and a delicious feast.

Setting the table.

The evening's entertainment."Heart and souuuuuuul...."

M's workspace. I want to be her stenographer...

I like your type.

Art by Kevin Dart.

Get your own Kevin Dart art.

Sweetie pie.

Mixology 101. Little known fact: aluminum foil is used in the the finest cocktails! (...no.)

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