Food+Lab (Attack of Cup’zilla).


Everyone loves Food+Lab. The food is yummy/fresh/organic/nostalgic/inventive/meaty/veggie/boxed/gift-y. An example:

Sandwich, salad and little pickle cup, served atop brown paper on a wooden board.

But the one thing no one really mentions – but that is like a cafe latte elephant in the room – is the size of the CUPS.

Me, praying to the (other, caffeinated) porcelain god.

WHAT! That cup is SO HUGE. And I have big hands, so that’s saying something. You order a single latte, you get a bowl of coffee. And a teaspoon and two miniature little muffins the size of gumballs.

A customer enjoys some tea from the TEABOWL3000!

I have to admit. It’s not a bad thing, Cup’zilla. It’s fun. You feel like a garden gnome, sipping sweet dew from a rose petal. And the obscure import sodas, Kinder-Chocolate, pastries, salads and sandwiches make Food+Lab one of my favorite lunch spots in LA so far.

Ice cream sandwiches... I'll have one of each!

First two images by amorecrushdaily and cafelala.

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