Photo rephlection.

This is me and my little sister. Sitting in a chair, in 1980-Plutowasaplanet. I remember really liking those cord overalls. And not liking turtlenecks (see how it’s stretched out around my neck). I hated the way turtlenecks grabbed on to my Adam’s apple. I also totally thought I had an Adam’s apple. I thought everybody did! She was the cute one with her bowl cut, curly lashes, tiny hands. I was still hanging on, but my cuteness had quickly worn to “older sister”. The one who helped out, instead of getting all the attention. You can see it in my face. A half smile. A sadness. (I’m kidding). *We’re not even touching. But our smiles are pretty limp in this picture. Judging by the Polaroid already in my lap, where we’re in the same outfits, I’m guessing this wasn’t our first pose of the day. Nor our most natural. My Dad said recently that she and I will look the same if you fast forward 80 years. It’s true! …Kind of smushed into an oversized velour chair, feigning a sort of joy… dorky outfits. I clearly see us as old ladies. And because she’s my BFFSisterpants, I love that.

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