Miss Me Like You Mean It.

Cast: Me, Isaac, Jacklyn, Brian.

I’ve been missing my close friends lately. Being in a new town’ll do that. While totally surrounded by new people and adventures, my heart pulls toward something more familiar. So, if you’ll indulge me for a moment…a little Portland post. The last play I did was with Third Rail Repertory called “Kiss Me Like You Mean It“. I know some of you saw it, but I think that now is a good time to reveal what I did backstage. Well, a little of it anyway. I still wonder what happened to the secret photos Isaac and I took with Brian’s disposable camera, while wearing his glasses and hat and pretending to fill in his prized crossword. (*It’s ok. Brian won’t read this because he’s a hardcore, dapper, luddite.)

Veg in the dressing room. Balancing out the homemade fudge C made me, the cookies, the bread…and good Lord, the evenings spent at the “cheeseburger parlor“.

Walking to dinner along the waterfront.

Did you know you can make rabbit teeth out of Tic-Tacs? Well, you can! I swear I did have a role in this play. And I was conscientious and played the part to the best of my abili—–

Me in a Starbucks cup! Ta-daaaaaaa! And I am also holding the cup! This is the magic of cinema. Or the magic of…time on my hands. “The beverage you’re about to enjoy IS extremely hot!” (Wink!) I miss this show and I rarely pine for shows once they have lived their life. But this one got all tangled up in my heartstrings. Ah. I’ll get myself all verklempt…

Set in progress. End of show.


3 thoughts on “Miss Me Like You Mean It.

  1. Just saw this post…sniffle. Miss you. Also, I look like I’m about to kill you in the waterfront walking photo. Cheeseburger parlor for life!

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