Intelligentsia. (Hipster coffee freak out).

3 Mar

I like this photo of Intelligentsia, Silverlake. It makes me think I’ve reached The Alamo for some reason. This place has been referred to, by Portlanders and people who know Portland’s obsession with coffee, as “the Stumptown of LA”. And, judging by the tattoos and the full-blooded coffee making craftsmanship, it kinda is. Pull up a seat if you can find one, and tuck into a pastry and a latte that thinks – that knows – it’s better than you. And it IS. With its little creamy leaf design and it’s deliciousness and perfect temperature. Why you hipsterrrrrrs… you make a great cup.

The person making the coffee has a tattoo! It must be good.

Orange bag of beans on the counter at Intelligentsia, Pasadena.

Care for a blood orange mimosa with your coffee? Or perhaps a microbrew with your croissant? (Wait – tattoos, coffee, microbrews…Gasp! – I AM in Portland!)

First two images by Ed McGowan


One Response to “Intelligentsia. (Hipster coffee freak out).”


  1. Latte Art Makes an Impression - January 12, 2012

    […] Intelligentsia and Urth are famous for their beautiful designs on their drinks, and for that, they have my business. Sure, it might be somewhat shallow, but who doesn’t love a gorgeous, hand-crafted cappuccino over an inferior, boring one? […]

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