Cass Bird (photogracrush).

Cass Bird rocks. She’s a super cool, funny person and a truly brilliant photographer. You would never guess it, considering her portfolio and my Corgi-legged non-model-y-ness, but I worked with Cass as a model on a shoot in Oregon back in the day. For LLBean. Yes. Fleeces and khaki pants and sensibility! Anyway, it’s been what seems like an eternity since then. But I still crush out on her sexy (just like LLBean – not) shots of celebrities and regular Joe’s n Jane’s, doing their thing. Her True Religion video just feels like the weekend (y’know – if you plan on running around in cutoffs tomorrow) and I wanted to share it with you. You know you love horses on the beach! You dream about them! You secretly name them “Cowboy” and “Moondust” and have picnics on their backs while braiding their two tails into one giant mother tail!

All photos/video by Cass Bird

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