Los Feliz Apartamento.

Welcome to my place in Los Feliz! (Lohs FEE-layz, as I call it. Other people say Lass FEE-LEEZ, Lohs Fuh-LEEZ, Luhz FUH-Luss… I’m convinced no one in LA says it the same way.) Anyway, I live here. In a 1920’s fourplex. Top floor 2BR, 1Bath, washer/dryer (score!), and a really amazing roommate who has great taste and furnished the entire thing. I moved to LA with my mattress. I decorate with magazines. And my jewelry. And I have an interesting arrangement of shoes. I’m keeping it pretty lean at the moment, but I wanted to invite you over for a visit today!

This is my bed, my inspiration board, and my current bedside lighting solution. Butler, bedding, blanket.

My workspace. MacBook, jewelry as decoration, desk from the Rosebowl Flea Market, books, bills and a mirror I inherited from my great aunt Ethel who had red hair all her 80 some years.

Sweet little vintage slides made into tea light holders. Found traveler’s photos that have stories all their own. So cute when lit by the sun or a flame. Made by bitsanpieces in Portland, OR.

The dining room. The chandelier came with the place. The table and chairs are a recent find by my roommate. I heart the french doors. Sometimes I open and shut them just because.

Living room. We don’t have cable, so time is spent in here reading, napping, and watching movies. I like turning on the wiener at night. Yes I do. (Hint: he’s in the spot where the fireplace would be.)

I like old apartments for their fixtures and “character” – as long as things work well, overall. These doorknobs remind me of slightly melted ice cubes and add a bit of subtle glam to the neutral palette.

2 thoughts on “Los Feliz Apartamento.

  1. I loved seeing your new place! It’s fabulous, of course! Your inspiration board above your bed rocks and I heart those twinkle lights…very pretty! I have to come visit soon!!!! miss u. xoxo

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