Forage-ing for food.

I’m salivating just thinking about this place. It’s a family owned, locally run restaurant on Sunset Blvd called Forage. And anyone who has eaten there will probably say something like “OMG…sooooo gooood” or similar. *If they’re not as valley girl as I am today. The wizards at Forage cook up the most delicious, high quality, not spendy, satisfying, healthy food from local growers and farmers. You just feel GOOD when you leave there. Not only because you’re not all hopped up on pesticides, but somehow they manage to feed your soul. (Read: The Awesome Avocado Sandwich. Or the Beluga Lentil and Barley salad. Or maybe the savory Yellowtail…You catch my drift.) Menu changes daily so you’ll fall in love with them over and over. Bon appetit!

Whoops! How’d that decadent mac n cheese get in there…(wink!)

All images by Forage.

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