The pits. [Part 1: Fire]

This weekend, I discovered my new favorite thing: the fire pits at Huntington State Beach! I love the sun setting over the ocean. Digging my toes into the sand and listening to the waves crash on the shore is simply divine. What you need: a bunch of wood (they sell it nearby for $5/bundle), matches and money for parking. To make it more fun, add in some good friends, the fixins for S’mores and a whiskey beverage of your choice. We kept it budget friendly by yanking free firewood from some people in the Los Feliz hills and piling it in the back of my car:

Free wood.

Then we hit up Ralph’s for supplies. Since we were just arriving at sunset in HSB, we said “No, thank you!” to the $15 parking lot and rocked the metered street parking instead. A quick walk from the car (and some super dry logs) and we were in campfire business! Here’s my fabulous fantasy fire pit supply list:

You’re fired: 1. Cute matches 2. Mast Brothers Chocolate 3. Impress your friends: make your own graham crackers! 4. Skewer your marshmallows, not your fingers 5. Little puffy clouds 5. Bulleit Bourbon. You’ll go home happy and smoky.


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