Silent is the new sound.

Last week, I shot a silent student short film at Cal State Northridge. I played “the fiancé”. The actor playing other “fiancé” to mine, quit at the last second, so we ended up pulling a shy, innocent student off the campus. He was just on his way to play some basketball. He was not an actor, but he was willing. And that’s just what we needed. We briefed him on the scene. I got to beat him with a purse. I warned him I hit hard. He said that would help him know what to do. (Ok!) I proceeded to {safely} beat the crap out of him, but not before my quick and dirty stage combat class:

“OK, when I kick you like this (knee to thigh), act like I just kicked you in the balls and kinda hunch over.”


“Ok…I’m gonna kick you now.” (Practice kick). “Ok, did I hurt you?”


“How about this.” (Purse to head.)


“This?” (Fake slap.)


“Ok then I’m gonna use the nunchucks this time.”


“No, no, no… I was just joking. They’re brass knuckles.”



I also zipped this kid into the tripod case. He was the son of one of the other actors. He wanted it zipped up all the way, but after a little chat with his mom, we decided to tell him it was stuck and not seal him up completely. *I did let him have a second snack bag of Doritos, however…I’m just an actor – not the chips police!

And this pretty lady is Tripod-Case Kid’s little sister! I also played the part of on-set babysitter when I wasn’t shooting. After a couple hours, I wrapped and left with a big fat turkey sandwich and my own snack bag of Doritos. {I accept food as payment at the moment.} I do what I can to find a way to enjoy each shoot. It’s just a stepping stone in my journey to PARTY size Doritos.

Talk to me, Baby.

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