Get glam.

Flora by Gucci. I took this pic on my bedroom windowsill, in a small pool of rainwater that has managed to work its way through my closed window.

Sometimes all you need is a little razzle dazzle. On the days when you’ve tried on everything in your closet and find nothing to wear. When there are just dirty pennies loitering at the bottom of your bag and a gum wrapper you’ve mistaken for a crumpled dollar.

A savior: one bite-sized, totally free, perfume sample. Yeah, scents are not for everyone. So I won’t recommend one (although, hello yummy!). But I do love the fact that a tiny drop of some regularly high-priced toilet water can really feel like bedazzling yourself in some kind of glamour. What it looks like: “Girl in ratty sweatpants, greasy hair tucked in hat, sheets marks on face”. What it feels like: “First class femme fatale. Suck. It.”

Talk to me, Baby.

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