Do it: Runyon Canyon

When you think of hiking Runyon Canyon, what do you think of first? CHIHUAHUAS! I know, right?! I hiked Runyon yesterday with my friend K and we found these adorable poopoo’s for adoption just inside the main entrance. $40 and all of my baby chihuahua dreams could have come true… (Cute, but my heart belongs to Frenchies!)

For me, Runyon began with the feeling of: 1. Too many people 2. Too-easy trails 3. Too many snakes. These signs say “Be afraid of fire, snakes, unleashed animals and poo. Have fun!”

But soon, I had forgotten all about the snakes (and the poo) and was hyper aware of the current state of my ass and thighs: BURNING.

Well, geez, if Tony and Barbie made it this far…(Sorry, cactus. *And Ken.)

Oh good, another dog! (And Chevy Chase on the trail…) Let’s get a close-up:

I snapped a quick shot of this little fuzzball and his owner quickly offered a posed shot. The dog obeyed and sat politely. It was such a professional impromptu photo session that I almost expected to be handed his dog actor resume right there on the trail. (If you know who he is, let me know!)

While I love the opulence of plants and trees in LA, I’m a sucker for an amazing urban vista.

All in all, Runyon, while truly one of the most popular trails in town, can be a really great workout. Your eyes will be working to spot celebrities, while your body will be working to hike those hills. Bring your dog, bring a friend and slather on that SPF! It’s a beautiful view from the top…

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