Vosges Haut Chocolat.

30 Mar

I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to acquire an Easter basket and fill it with these bunnies and mushrooms. I’ve been toying around with switching my diet to that of a vegetarian. Or a no wheat/dairytarian. Or maybe a vege-pesca-tarian to start. (Is that a thing?) And I had the irrational “oh my God, I’ll have to give up chocolate it’s my favorite thing in the world” thought.

Then I had another thought after that one, which said to me “Crack ho, calm yourself. Vosges makes a-may-zing chocolate, some of which is vegan, gluten free AND yummytown.” And in this case, really really cute! {Look at those wonky eared bun buns…}

Chocolate fix: “The (not vegan, 1lb) Enchanted Mushroom”, “Red Fire Easter Bunny” and “Orchid Vanilla Bunny”. *I call dibs on Red Fire Easter Bunny as my superhero name this Spring.


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