FIRST EVER LaLa giveaway! {Verameat}

***We have a ROCKSTAR RING-RECIPIENT: Lia wins the Verameat Freedom Ring! Yeah it was a random drawing, but I wish I could have given something to everyone! All of your comments were delightfully inspiring, funny, sweet and brilliant in their own ways. I loved them all – thank you for sharing them with us! XO, Lauren

The Verameat NYC jewelry fairy dropped by my mailbox with Vera Balyura’s Freedom Ring, in size 8 brass. It’s an exact match to the one I already own, so I want to pass it on to one of you!!

I lovelovelove all of her jewelry. This ring is such a sweet gift for yourself or a friend – on a finger or a chain. According to Vera, the Freedom Ring “Is a great way to reward yourself for overcoming an obstacle. Opening up your wings to life and letting yourself go!”

Just post a comment below, telling me how you reward yourself for your own daily rockstar-ness (with an email so’s I can contact you!) and I’ll pick a ring-recipient by random drawing next Monday 4/11! Yay!

14 thoughts on “FIRST EVER LaLa giveaway! {Verameat}

  1. I like to reward myself by putting on pretty perfume every morning. And parking in the rockstar parking spot at Laika. And eating a home-made caramel with my morning coffee. And fantasizing about buying myself jewelry. All those things.

  2. I reward myself daily by going to the NYC Sport Club and lay in the steam-room.
    I reward myself daily by making my husband to be as happy as I can.
    I reward myself daily by taking my work seriously and enjoying it.
    I reward myself daily by taking a different route home.


  3. I’m a really tomboyish girl but I just bought this lipstick from Dior. I freakin’ love it ! And it makes me feel great when Im wearing it.

  4. I tried to think of what I do to reward myself daily for my rockstar-ness and it occured to me that I don’t do enough for myself!!! UGH!!! This ring would really help me start to remember do something great for myself each day! :)

    Thanks Lala!!!

    Tina (locnet 1 at AOL dot COM)

  5. I reward myself by baking. It relaxing to gather the ingredients, mixing, prepping and baking. Then the yummy product is the best part of the reward and usually lasts for a couple of days.

  6. I am autoimmune and I lack tremendous amounts of energy. When I have my strength I love to re-style old jackets and various other articles of clothing with patches and adornments to let my personality blaze through like an inferno to burn away the the aura of sickness. Being sick is a large portion of my life so I like to do my best to express myself beyond being the sick girl. A rock star portrays their amplified personalities and when I go out in my creations I feel like a rock star showing the world who I am without apologies.

  7. Ok, so I never ever comment on things, but ohmygoodnessthecute!

    I buy fancy pants chocolate (sea salt! chili! coffee!), take my friends out to schmancy dinners, watch plenty of bad television, and use linen spray like it will never ever run out.

    All of this, just because I’m such a badass.

    (btw, I saw your BF the other day – effing rocked the shit out of an audition)

  8. To reward myself for a hectic work schedule, I’m getting a minx manicure at the end of April! So excited, and I can’t wait!

  9. I reward myself every week by buying (or borrowing) a new nail polish color and giving myself a manicure. It is nice to look down at my hands during my hectic work day to see a splash of bright color, it always makes me smile!

  10. I am a current film student, who lives a blissful and imaginative life! I love to reward myself with some good records on vinyl, good times with friends, music festivals, and laying in the grass till sundown!

  11. I reward myself by trying to be brutally honest with myself and my appearance in the world. Vinyasa yoga daily as a relief, meandering in my studio and knowing that when I do say “no” that it opens other doors.

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  13. I reward myself by eating a bar of luxuriously yummy chocolate. I really need to find a healthier way to reward myself!

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