{Drink me} Bar Marmont

We swirled our celebrity swizzle stick in the “Millionaire Cocktail” at Bar Marmont! And let’s not kid ourselves. We also took a dip in a “Pimm’s Cup” and a “Havanna Style Mojito”. Aaaaand maybe a “Sidecar”. *I promise I did not do all this imbibing myself. And of course – a bite: there was the “Smoked Trout in Crispy Potatoes with créme fraîche and capers” and why not a “Three Cheese Board with Fig & Date Jam and Buckwheat Honey.” Yummy!

The bar is divine – an old Hollywood, gilded, dark and moody space (don’t miss the butterflies on the ceiling) with beautiful people tucked into private corners, glancing past sparkling cocktails. The covered outdoor patio space is lovely with hanging lanterns, benches for lounging and room to light up a Cuban, should you choose. On a particularly sultry spring evening, it’s a magical place to sip, snack and gather with friends.

Talk to me, Baby.

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