{Little Miss Domestic} Lunch for under $1.

Hey guys! This is the last post before I pick the winner of the VERAMEAT FREEDOM RING GIVEAWAY on Monday! Don’t forget to comment on it for your chance to win a piece from her line! XO!

I’ve been trying to be budget-y and healthy. So today I made this for lunch. A rice bowl with fresh basil (fresh herbs make me wish I had a garden!), mini grape tomatoes, mushrooms and capers. I used to haaaate mushrooms and now I voluntarily put them into things, instead of pick them out. *Evidence that I might be a grown-up someday.

1/2 cup (uncooked) Trader Joe’s brown basmati rice

A handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped

Exactly 13 mini grape tomatoes (ok, it can be any number)

3 large mushrooms, sliced, whatever kind you like

1 T capers, drained

A bit of extra virgin olive oil

Salt + pepper

Pour double the water and rice into a pot, boil then simmer. Throw the oil, and veg into a pan, sauté until warm. Chop chop that basil. Scoop it all into a bowl, salt and pepper it to your liking and voila! Lunch. I paired mine with a glass of Villa Italia blood orange soda. A little taste of carbonated Italy… bellissimo principessa! (The only Italian I know is from Johnny Stecchino.)

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