{Field trip!} Huntington Botanical Gardens

I visited the truly beautiful Huntington Botanical Gardens on free day. I had a horrible head cold and meandered through the landscaping, while tripping on DayQuil, Emergen-C and Riccola. I sneezed on all the plants, therefore, they’re all mine now. And there were two times where I felt like I may have been petting the trees. Their trunks were so smooth…

Let me preface this by saying I spent a lot of time in the succulents region, and a tiny bit of time in Australia, Japan and the Chinese gardens. Because there is an end to free day and it is 4:30pm. *If you want your own free ticket to the gardens, set your clock for 9am on the first of the month, then prepare for the HBG website and phone line to be overwhelmed with cheap bastards. Stick with it! Reload and redial no less than 1 million times, and you will be the proud owner of up to 5 tickets to next month’s free day. Now do you understand why I went with a head cold? Yeah. I earned that S.O.B.

If you have come here for a namey-plants-y science lesson, you have come to the wrong place! There’s still time to slip out the back of the class. Instead, this is my visual tour of what leafy things I saw, and what they are not at all classified as. Join me.

I can only succeed at wildlife photography when the wildlife travels under .01 mph. Title: “Red Things With A Bug In It”.

“Maude”. Also, sidenote: most cactuses are prickly. I tried just about all of them. Mostly by accident.

“Best Name For An Aloe Plant” winner!

A few Yeti’s posing by the cacti.

This one smelled like patchouli and drum circles.

“45 Days of Plants! Or, Easy Ways to Talk To Your Kids About Sex!”

“Best Cutest Flowers On Cactus” winner!

Actual alligator gums.

A view from the…..I think it’s near the art museum on campus. But I took it because the lady seated on the right is clearly done with Plant Watch 2011 and is ready to get back to her afghan.

Which brings us to the end of our tour. I hope you enjoyed it as much as (sneeze, sniffle, snort) I. And I bet you didn’t even realize you just learned three different ways to say the plural of “cactus”! Yeah? Class dismissed.

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