A horse in pj’s. And other things from Monday.

I saw this horse the other day in Calabassas. (*He looks like he’s wearing his bedtime jammies.)

OK OK I know I missed Monday’s post! I was slackin’ off, hanging out at Pop Sound with three celebrity actors and one famous animation studio, recording voiceovers for their next feature film! I can’t say what it is yet, but it’s gonna be awesome. I was the reader in the session, which means I read any extra lines that weren’t covered by the actors being recorded in the scene.

My job: To be in a tiny, soundproof room with famous funny people. To eat the yummy catered lunch (and maybe a box of Junior Mints). And to be myself and have fun. A wretched day by all accounts. (Ha).

By 6pm,

– I had earned $20 in cash on a dare that involved almost grabbing an actors’ ass (thanks to one of the other actors – who was totally good on his word!)

– I had learned that you shouldn’t eat a snack that has a greater number of sodium mg’s than the number of calories. And that the amount of sodium our bodies need to survive, can be found in 3 stalks of celery per day.*

– I had discovered (yet again), that eating a whole box of Junior Mints will make my throat burn. — With the minty fire of fresh breath and plastic chocolate! Mmmm.

*This statement has not been evaluated by anyone that I know of.

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