Hike it: Fryman Canyon

I hiked Fryman Canyon with my friend Jesse. He regaled me with stories of interesting trail history and wildlife recognition as I honed my own LA hiking skills: “Is that Steve Martin?!!” As the real Steve Martin walked by with his dog. We strode along, talking about the difference between gophers and groundhogs… “WAIT. Is that Sarah Gilbert?” She passed us too.

Fryman is kinda like Runyon, but with what felt like more trees and less people trying to act like “famous celebrities hiking”. With their tiny dogs and big coffees and five finger shoes. There were a few butt busting bits (see: Upper Fryman), but mostly, it’s beautiful vistas, lizard/rabbit/gopher spotting and a great walk alone or with friends.

I was trying to be all Planet Earth and take a photo of the split second that the gopher popped out of its hole, but this dog got all up in my scene. And then he tried to bite me. And then I said to myself, “Oh, you little rascal – you didn’t mean to do tha—” and he tried to bite me again. His owner, in her baggy denim culottes and her well-loved oversized T (points for just bein yourself, lady!), was going to let her dog maul me on the trail. She then proceeded to tell Jesse and I a story about how she used to see Steve Martin all the time on that trail and once she said “Give us a line from your movies, Steve!” He, likely kindly, said he couldn’t think of one at the moment. So then she proudly quoted him a line that she remembered.


Denim Culottes, you are Lady King of your world. Reign supreme. Just don’t be annoying.

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