I love you, espresso. And scary Easter Bunny.

I busted out my sturdy little Bialetti today! With our sweet LA gas prices (420 pennies/gallon!), I can’t quite bring myself to spend the same on a latte every day. Here’s a picture of Bialetti:

“Buonjorno! We’re #1!” he cheers, under his Italy stache. (Or maybe he’s saying “Look up there.” Or “Fascism: It’s-a good!”) Regardless, I love him because he makes me feel like I’m camping inside my apartment. He sits on the stovetop and with a little water and some ground up coffee beans, he percolates some fine espresso! Add a few drops of agave nectar and maybe one of my roommate’s fresh baked cookies, and I’m ready to face the world – eyeballs first!

And speaking of eyeballs, yikes, Cataracts Easter Bunny! I don’t know who’s terrorizing whom in this picture, but I love it.

Image by funnyordie

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