I fell off the Blagon.

(Blog + wagon = Blagon). Wait, wha — WHAT happened this week!?! I promise to make it up to you next week with fun things like:

– The cheapest Jell-O salad in LA!

– How to feel like a mountain climber without doing that!

– Seagulls are our friends!

– Why libraries smell like pee and reading!

– What the #$&!’s a SOYRRITO!

And etc!

XOXO! Have the best weekend yet!

2 thoughts on “I fell off the Blagon.

  1. Don’t know how I landed here exactly, but I do like your style and feel a kindred to it. Yeah, I want that apartment too. Sure it is taken by now. So much for my 3 day trip to France. Would need to spend 7 hours to find a place like that. Keep me posted!

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