Wearing LA: Big Baby Street Style.

I’m taking a break!

I feel super stressed out (every zit on my face agrees!) with job hunting and general brokeness, so these adult “onesies” made me smeyesOnePiece opens Friday, here in LA. The first store in the whooooole nation! I say, cuff the legs, zip it low, cinch the waist, throw on some heels and out ya go! A sleepover may strike at any minute. Be prepared, America!

I like the middle one. Gangsta Bear.

Here is the original story about how OnePiece(s) were invented by Norwegians Henrik, Knut and Thomas:

“They all agreed on the merits of the sweatsuit… ‘But without the tight waistband and the pressure to go jogging’, Thomas said. Knut had been staring at a light bulb when, eureka, it all became clear. Why not sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants. ‘But how are we going to get into it?’ ‘No sweat’, replied Henrik, ‘We’ll just put in a big zipper’.” – OnePiece

Ah, so simple!

Mmmmmmm…we like iiiiiice creeeeeam and one-sieeeeeees and everythiiiiiiing….

I wonder if Bedazzles The Raccoon knows that girl’s nipple is showing.

Ok, break’s over. Back to work!

Images by OnePiece

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