Tonguing it.

Hello Monday! I may be the last person on Planet Earth to discover her, but I am super into Marilyn Minter today. Check out her site for an uncomfortably intriguing trailer of models licking, sucking and spitting foodstuffs (you’ll see). I’m loving her take on le beau ideal (can I call it “Dirty Betsey Johnson“?) The beads, baubles, sweat and saliva of 3rd grade dress-up, glammed up for the big girl in all of us. I’m renaming them:

“Springtime in Portland”. It brings to mind all the nights I tried to ditch my winter boots in favor of cute Springy heels, only to be b****slapped back into reality by an April shower.

“Sally, You’ll Ruin Your Dinner, Eating Those Beads”.
Marilyn’s studio. Phone’s for you.

Mr. Gold Teeth‘s LadyFriend, Goldshlägehhhhhhhhhh“.

Studio image by palais royal

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