What’s the Equity News?

Just taking a peek at my first issue of Equity News! Since I’m a new member and all (I have the AEA highlighter and pencil set to prove it) things have totally changed for me: I am broke-er than ever, more stressed out and I question everything about my life in sequence each hour on the hour.

But I am proud to be part of AEA. My first acting union! (Hi five!) I worked my lil buns off on stage to earn 50 weeks toward my membership candidacy. I learned everything I know by playing with amazing actors in Kiss Me Like You Mean It, All My Sons, A Streetcar Named Desire, Metamorphoses and Owen Meany’s Christmas Pageant to earn this status.

Page 4 features an article about Third Rail Repertory in Portland. I worked with them right before moving to LA. It was lovely seeing some familiar faces from my last home.

So, off to troll Craigslist for server  jobs, sell a few of my clothes to Buffalo Exchange for extra cash, google adult+stress+acne, then heat up some quinoa and spinach and call it a meal. Livin. It. UP.

Fabulous is on the inside, people. The inside. (Wink!)

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