Recording “Paranorman”!

I’m so excited to finally get to spill some beans! Let cats out of bags! Say… stuff! LAIKA/Entertainment finally announced their upcoming stop motion feature Paranorman and now that it’s hot buzz all over the internets, here’s my dishy scoop!

I have worked with LAIKA for several years as an artist, but since moving to LA for acting, I’ve gotten to do some super fun stuff in the sound studio when they come to record famous actors in town. Essentially, I sit in a room with celebrities and read all the other parts of the script, while they record their lines. As a reader, I kinda get to “act” with people I’ve only seen on film/tv. It is stupid awesome.

Casey Affleck arrived with his wife and two little boys. Apparently, his kids never want to go to set with Casey, but on this particular day, they were interested. They sat on a sofa and watched their Dad perform a few lines in the sound room. When he was done, he asked what they thought. The little one clapped and laughed like Cookie Monster. The older one said “………’s ok.”

I knew Anna Kendrick from Up In The Air (sorry, Twihards) in which I loved her work. She had a quick recording session before rushing off to a birthday dinner for her boyfriend. We discussed how she was a little anxious about being on the Tribecca Film Festival jury for the first time and how she just wrapped shooting on Twilight, for good. We also talked about how I sometimes pluck my eyebrows while I’m on the phone with people and then I get so into the plucking, that I almost pick them bald.

This is Kodi Smit-McPhee, Norman himself. He is an insanely talented kid. It was a treat to read with him. He then showed us videos of how he can totally dance like this. If you’ve ever been on set with him, you’ve probably seen him bust a move when the cameras weren’t rolling.

I was most looking forward to meeting Leslie Mann. She’s a funny lady actor and I like funny lady actors. It was amazing to be in this little studio with her and watch her work. She asked where I live. And we talked about how it takes some time to get adjusted to LA and start a career here. She thought I looked familiar. (Maybe actors really can see audiences through the big screen…)

And my favorite (!) to work with, was Jeff Garlin. He’s hilarious and playful and kind of an amazing guy overall. He offered me $200 to grab Leslie Mann’s ass, and later, $10,000 to fly back to my parents’ home in Lancaster, PA, and just act like everything is normal while I’m there, but be totally naked the whole time. *Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t worry: Jeff is happily married and harmless. And also, I said no to the naked thing mainly because I’d get arrested if I went outside and Jeff said he wasn’t going to cover bail.

Thus concludes my voice recording readership for Paranorman – hitting theaters in 2012! It’s such a great story and will be a total feast for the eyes. And when you’re watching it, listening to these actors rock their characters, imagine me in the background during the recording, sitting quiet as a mouse. Well, a mouse trying to keep its stomach from growling.

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