Upright Citizens Brigade, LA!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you Los Angeleez know of my (drumroll…) UCB Level 201 Graduation Showcase this Sunday, 1:30p ($5) at the theater! It’s super casual (and free if you are a current UCB student!) So go out to Sunday brunch, knock back a couple mimosas and join us for what is guaranteed to be a somewhat humiliating and hilarious 60 minutes of improv magic.

I bid you a fond and phenomenal weekend adieu. See you next week for Dodgers v. Giants (explained by me who doesn’t understand “the baseball”), hallucinogenic mai tai’s and quite possibly the world’s best guacamole recipe you can make with two hands!

The lovely and talented Alla Sher will play you into the weekend… XO!

2 thoughts on “Upright Citizens Brigade, LA!

  1. I love UCB! My hubs and I have gone a few times and then we mosey on over to the Gourmet Oaks for million dollar sandwiches (million bucks well spent too, those sammy’s are bomb!) Congrats on graduating! Hmmmm, Wonder if we’ve seen you perform before?

    • Paola! I love Oaks too… there is far too much deliciousness going on in that place! Haha. Maybe we could meet up next time you guys head over to UCB! I am about to start level 301, so I doubt you’ve seen me on stage yet – but I’m a big fan of The Smokes, Gravid Water and Assscat ;) Thanks for reading!!

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