Field Trip: Los Dodgers vs. Giants

Sir Elton Hercules John, rocking a sequined Dodgers uniform. Sigh. I wish they wore those.

I got to see game 2 of “Giants beat Dodgers” at Dodger Stadium – for FREE. A Dirgin (Dodgers + virgin), I was overwhelmed by the whole experience. Biggest rivalry what? Dodger Dog huh? “Get….um, GO…. get the ball! Yay baseball!”

It was a magnificent evening for a night game. We (sorry, Yankees! And also Phillies! And other teams that I like for reasons such as: location and style of uniforms) got creamed by the Giants. But it was a blast. Our seats were a gift from the Dodger Dog man himself, thanks to my friend Amy. Right behind first base. (Inside scoop: Dodger Dogs are just reeeeeeally long hot dogs.)

For health-minded fans (ME, who isn’t eating any meat-with-legs, wheat or dairy right now), there are veggie dogs at specific stadium locations. And, Kaiser Permanente provides booths that offer sushi, veggie sticks and salad-type-items! All competitively overpriced, so you don’t feel left out of the fun. (I can hear a collective “boooooooo!” on baseball stadium salad. But let’s discuss who did not have the greasy fried s***s the next morning. ME.)

“Oh my god, for a second, I totally thought we were at a baseball game!”

We got in line for the famous weenies. (Another insider tip: You can ward off the entire cast of Twilight with the garlic they pile on those fries. You also will not be making out with anyone. Ever again.) I think we waited in line about 30 minutes before we decided to crash Amy’s sister’s party in the box suite upstairs.

Ahhhh…. much better. Free wine, free beer, free and unlimited Dodger Dogs…AND photos of celebrities at the stadium:

If that’s how you play baseball, I’m feeling better about my skills.

This outfielder (fill in his name, LA fans!) reminded me of the only time I’ve ever been confident at hand/eye coordination involving ball games. In college, I played one (1) game on the softball team. And I got pounded in the head by a ball I totally thought I could catch. It seemed to fly at me from outer space. I reached up with my glove… Miss! By like a foot. HIT. Right on my forehead. My ego a shriveled raisin, I silently gave up my softball career. And also baseball and lacrosse and probably polo…golf…possibly ping pong. Y’know. Just in case.

Celebrity images are not my photos, but I don’t know who took them. Let me know who did!

Talk to me, Baby.

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