Picnic Boom Box.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope all of you are up to no good at a BBQ right this very moment (west coast people – I know you’d have to be pretty hardcore to be up this early, swilling beers and playing Cornhole). I just enjoyed a soy latte and bowl of oatmeal. I know how to party. Later, I’m going to go for a jog and then write in my journal. I might even drink a glass of room temperature water. Hold a piece of paper! Stare out the window!!

I’m wishing I had this Urban Picnic Boxal to load up with my favorite bubbly and a few snacks for the road. Literally.

Who needs grass when you have a sidewalk on hand! Disinterested friends sold separately.

After you’ve eaten all your potato salad and gummy bears (with compostable supplies! — I won’t judge if you eat candy with a fork), put a transistor radio inside it and hit the streets. Coolio.

Talk to me, Baby.

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