Weekend with Mz. Peepers.

My good girlfriend Piper drove down from SF this weekend to hang out with me in LA! It was exactly a year ago that she and I ventured down here for a random road trip and discovered UCB, the Korean spa, the legendary Formosa Cafe, La PoubelleSusina Bakery, Sidewalk Cafe and the Santa Monica Pier at 2am. THIS time, she brought her pooch Fernando!

We did UCB again with Jeff Garlin’s show (he gives away stuff from his house and has stand-up special guests. He also took photos of my face. I don’t know if he remembered me). Piper and I also hit up La Poubelle again for some truffle fries (we did want to try the Parisian Prostitute cocktail, but stuck with a pour of house white), we saw Bridesmaids (brilliantly funny girl moments without being girlie), ate entire burritos at Mexico City (I did. I’m also applying for a server job there so I can eat burritos all day every day) and relaxed at Coogies Malibu with Fernando in our laps.

We also saw this in the sky over LA on 5/29. Anyone else see it?

Here is me, failing again at a career in wildlife photography, while trying to capture “Epic Fernando!” Too small in frame:

Too close:

Too… um…

I gave up. Here is Leo Carillo State Beach in Malibu! One of the few dog-friendly sandy spots in LA. And maybe the only public one in Malibu. Fernando got his digging on, while Piper and I got blowing-sand-facials — it was SO windy! And as usual, people were lying out in bikinis, immune to the relentless pelting of tiny needle-like grains. BBQ smoke infused our beach-blown hair. And I fell into some cactus bushes while trying to retrieve a beat up CD that said “Mix 3”. I thought I might discover a hidden treasure chest of secret tunes. Instead, I shamed myself by wiping out in front of strangers, I got a hundred tiny cuts on my hands and the CD didn’t play in my car. Success!

OK, so I have a hard time giving up attempts at wildlife photography. I try again. Here’s Fernando at Coogies. And Piper, in a composition kinda like this one. Sigh. Someday I’ll get it.  XX, L

4 thoughts on “Weekend with Mz. Peepers.

  1. So I saw that thing while it was being created and I was so excited for a good skywriting experience (you never see them anymore!), but what the hell was that supposed to be? I only saw one circle with a line through the bottom part of it, around 4:45 in Silverlake on Monday. It would be great if they were all over town!

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