Doing LaLa Land with: Crystal!

In an effort to better acquaint myself with this city and the people in it, I’m interviewing some pretty cool friends, old and new, to find the BEST STUFF IN LA!  I met with makeup artist and rock star thrifter Crystal from Blend. She moved to LA about a year and a half ago from Portland, Oregon (where I came from!). She’s delightful, creative and wickedly funny. We had lunch at LAMILL in Silverlake where we sipped coffee drinks, ate delicious little plates of things and talked about nail polish, careers, whiskey and boys. A perfect afternoon. Thank you Crystal!
Crystal Picks Her Favs:

1. Booze in the grocery store. Coming from a state selling strictly wine and beer in the aisles, it’s a little bit of happy hour Heaven to discover hard alcohol at Trader Joe’s. Favorite place to stock up? BevMo! (I just wanna add here that I’m from PA where you can’t even get a forty at a gas station.)

2. Zara at The Grove. “High fashion at low prices”. Zara

3. Tortoise General Store. Owned by Taku and Keiko Shinomoto, this adorable Abbot Kinney boutique showcases the coolest daily essentials. Top picks: tea towels and calculator watches. Tortoise General Store

4. Umami Burger on Hollywood Blvd. Two words: pickle plate. Umami

5. The HMS Bounty Restaurant – Bar. Great juke box, best fish+chips, and totally “sailor-y themed” in K-town. Crystal clarifies, “sea shanty, not pirate-y“. I’m in. HMS

6. Griffith Observatory. Free (real) star gazing. GO

7. Scouring LA real estate listings. A girl can certainly dream! That’s how you make it happen. Best blog to “pretend you’re rich” and drool over mid-century digs? Take Sunset

8. Thrifting. Go to Out Of The Closet  to feel like you’re at a dance-party-AIDS-research-benefit, Goodwill, or Craigslist LA where you’ll be bidding against Crystal’s “twenty dollar holler” – a wildly successful technique where she offers $20 for items — and gets them!

9. Tacos Arizas. Taco cart in Echo Park. Snacktime? Carnitas, claro que síArizas


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