Fridays in LaLa Land.

Happy weekend everybody! This is my second Friday with these 12 items. If you missed last week, don’t worry. The main thing is that the bear is now naked.

1. What’s That Bear Wearing? This is a FAMILY park!

2. Auditions: 0

3. Learned: These Mai Tai’s make me feel really good about myself and then really bad about the same person. {Ask for Alfredo, for full effect.}

4. Lady Parts: Has anyone seen No Strings Attached? That group-PMS scene makes me crazy. Or is it my mensies. No — it’s the writing.

5. Love/Hate LA: Spray tan / Paying $25 to look like I was out in the actual sun which is right there

6. Days Sun-Sponsible: 303

7. Playin’ It Out: Ladies Gun Club, Loaded Gun

8. Story: I was hiking with Piper in Griffith Park, when a trio of gentlemen discussing “beige” walked by. They were clothed in a springy palette of black, gray, off-gray, charcoal, taupe, grey with an ‘e’. I was wearing a neon pink tee, red nails and some really floppy flip flops. I took a step onto an incline, skillfully slid on some gravel and nearly crashed into them – like a graceful rainbow surprise. I laughed and made a stupid joke, “Safe!” as if I were sliding into home plate. They looked at me like I had taken a dump in public. The “I smell/taste something bad” crinkled nose with disapproving eyebrows.

I removed myself from the Beige Meetup (without a “Are you ok?”) and felt a little bit better when I saw Piper laughing at me.

9. Wish: That I had the money to fly to Portland to see my boyfriend.

10. Like It So Much I Wanna Marry It: This butter, these creatures, this ring

11. A Blessed Gift From The Universe: Allgoogly

12. Photo: Shop for the whole fam damily in downtown LA!


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