Good morning (if you’re in Hawaii…!) and good day to the rest of you! How was your weekend? My friend Piper invited me to Pixar’s Cars 2 wrap party in SF on Saturday. It was so cool they had all this stuff I’m not allowed to talk about but it was a killer party and totally worth driving 12 hours in 2 days and drinking inordinate amounts of coffee to stay awake on I-5 which totally creates this thing in my guts that is not at all awesome! We even got a sneak peak at Brave which hits theaters in 2012. That one’s about an “unruly daughter”. I can’t wait.

Today I am feeling jet-lagged. (I drive fast, apparently). And maybe a little overwhelmed with the week ahead. All the trying to be positive about finding a job, making my acting career, clearing my skin, doing life. So, to focus on something good, I managed to stay on-task with my nogluten/dairy/meat eating plan, even at a giant party, a fine-foodie restaurant, and a shop that specializes in mac-n-cheese. I know!

My quickie trip to SF started at Flora (I especially loved the pink Art Deco loo – you look great in that rosy light!). The spring vegetable and chick-pea panella dish was pure veggie decadence, paired with the “Salt and Pepper” cocktail, which left little bits of black sea salt on my lips for later. The bourbon-y “Satan’s Soul Patch” was a table favorite…and I trust those friends to pick a damn good drink!

Post party brunch-time, we popped in on our new mac-n-cheese dealer Homeroom. Piper recommends “The Exchange Student” with pecorino n peppercorns. I tried the gluten-free, vegan (sacrilege!) mac-n-cheese with broccoli and hot sauce. It was divine. Obviously, if you eat cheese, eat cheese. But if you’re being all alternative and stuff, you’ll be in heaven.

Today, I’m getting back on track with fruit, veggies and oatmeal. And THESE, which I just started taking:

They are gigantuous. I can feel the little thingies in my throat trying to assembly-line these capsules into my lower esophagus. In trying to pretty my skin, I’ve added Omega-3 Fish Oil and this skin-detox tea to my day, among other things. It’s so fun trying to figure out how the hootenanny my body will process: nuts, soy, stress, different amounts of sleep, inordinate amounts of water, sunscreen, life!

Your skin is your largest organ and your body releases waste through it. (Super not gross at all!) So I’m just hoping to have the best skin possible. So that people will check out my big organ. (– I think that would work better if I were a dude.)


Images before I doctored them 1, 2, 3

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