LA Magazine “Future Cover” Design Contest.

First off, we’re all winners! Second, I wanna win this for real. And I’m asking for your click-y help (wink!). I entered Los Angeles Magazine’s Future Covers contest, where they will be picking one reader-designed cover to be featured at their glittery private anniversary party this summer. Here is the link (if you press “10”, I’ll love you the most.)

The rules: design an LA Mag cover for their 100th anniversary (2061). My concept: there actually is a big earthquake that separates LA from the continental U.S. and we all live happily ever after, on HollywoodIsland. Laser dolphins, Big Oprah and air taxis, oh my. Ta-daa!

I also wanted to show how we would use this “magazine” in the future. (It’s in your skin…!)

So, if I win and get to go to the party, you’re all coming with me! (…on here.) And of course we will be splitting the prize money. (There isn’t any.) Thank you so much for voting! (Extra cheek kisses if you voted already!)


5 thoughts on “LA Magazine “Future Cover” Design Contest.

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