Fridays In LaLa Land.

Happy Pride Weekend! I’m thinking about heading out to WeHo this Sunday to check out the scene. For all of you attending, may it be a powerful message in the form of A-MA-ZING PAR-TAY!

1. What’s That Bear Wearing? Yeah. Bear, we need to talk…

2. Auditions: 1

3. Learned: I’m super crap at assembling terrariums. I’ll take some photos to show you how spatially disabled I am…

4. Lady Parts: I just got this book, Mating In Captivity. Has anyone read it? I’m totally curious about sex and the R-word. Relationships. 

5. Love/Hate LA: Potential / Doors that slam shut

6. Days Sun-Sponsible: 310

7. Playin’ It Out: Starfucker, Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second

8. Story:
I thought that when GPS asked if you want the south or north side of any street, it didn’t really matter. “Ugh – SOUTH” I plugged in, furiously. Then I arrived at my “destination”. After circling around for a while, looking for parking, I wedged into a spot and got out of my car to find a handful of Mexicans looking at me. I willed my expression to read “Yes, I am comfortable here. Hello!” as I looked for my friend’s address. She had said she lived in a “gated community” and that I’d find that funny when I got to her place.

I looked at the building. Run down and sun-bleached, the only gate in sight was essentially a barricade across the front entrance. HA, that Crystal, she is hilarious. Then I realized – wait a minute – this isn’t her apartment number. This isn’t her block. I got back in my car and GPS told me, this wasn’t even Crystal’s neighborhood.

She lived on the NORTH side. Which meant a trek across town, not just across the street. Well. Adios, Mexicanos! I’ll be back later and you will have to show me where you get your delicious food. And how you whistle through your teeth like that. It does get people’s attention…

9. Wish: Things would feel lighter.

10. Like It So Much I Wanna Marry It: These mini-figured coasters, this le creuset, this eye.

11. A Blessed Gift From The Universe: “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” – Buddhist saying

12. Photo: Charlie. Who will sit on your lap while you get your hair cut by Shante at Sugar.


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