GNC explains my life through billboards.

I saw this billboard in West Hollywood last week and thought two things: 1. Yikes – is that what “radiant” looks like? And 2. That is exactly what I feel like. “I’m doing…it! GOD – why does it SUCK so much sometimes…”

I’ve been thinking about writing more honestly, here. I have a lot of fun with the weirdo things I’m doing in this town. And boy do I love a good, ridiculous story. But I’m struggling a lot, too. So, I’ve been thinking about including those sorts of stories. So you can know that I’m a real person who feels bloated, intimidated, screams in my car, plucks manwhiskers out of my chin, stresses out about my rent, eats too much ice cream (although these days, it’s Coconut Bliss. Damn you, coconuts.)

Maybe you noticed I didn’t post much last week. I was working some freelance, working for friends, working out, net-working, and mutually deciding that things with my boyfriend weren’t working. So. Here I am. Monday morning, freshly single and feeling the jagged pangs of heartbreak that go along with that. Like my life has pared itself down to a few okay pairs of shoes and a toothbrush.

What. Am. I. Doing. (?)

Hopefully, I’ll have plenty of time to figure it all out… Meanwhile, I’m gonna go brush my teeth and cry at the same time. Then, take a breath, gather my wits – and “floss ‘n cry”.



10 thoughts on “GNC explains my life through billboards.

  1. Dearest Lauren, I woke up with the Monday morning insecurity, anxiety, fragile blues and was so honored that you would write so openly about your own. Misery does love company, doesn’t it? I wish I could call you or come bring you some green tea and we could share with each other, but i will settle for saying thank you for your writing and you’re in good company! xoxo e

    • Erin, what lovely words. Thank you for sharing back. And for keeping me company, even miles away. You are such a beautiful person – I’m lucky to know you. XOXO

  2. For the record, the model looks bored. You are a beautiful person inside and out. And you gave me a good chuckle over the sheer frustration of being human. I have manwhiskers too, dammit! And living gracefully, radiantly and bravely is just a matter of perseverance. Sometimes you have to do the thing that scares you. Be brave, have courage!

  3. My life alternates between being awesome and sucking beyond words at the moment. I <3 you, Crzy Lady. Do you need one of my super weird vitamin juice boxes again to give you a boost? :P

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