Los Angeles Mag’s Big 5-0.

I made it to Wednesday! A small victory in itself. Right now, I’m barely flinging myself over the finish line, once every 24 hours. Dear Universe, I just want to feel ok.

SO. A bit of fun news. I totally won that thing you guys voted for. Thank you! This is Los Angeles Magazine’s 50th Anniversary party at 5900 Wilshire Blvd last week.

It kinda felt like my first bona fide LA party. Beautiful people, fancy snacks on trays – mini tacos, psychic readings, signature cocktails, cover art gallery, guy playing a theremin (not that guy), a champagne toast, Holly Golightly standing by a vintage Cadillac…

A clarinet band. I know. These kids were clari-neat-o.

Reader submish winner! (Can I just say that I wear this dress to EVERYTHING here. If I were in People magazine, it would be one of those spreads showing me at different parties and restaurants in “my favorite dress”. $20 from Sloan Boutique in Portland. One word: POCKETS.) And beneath the frame, a little blurb about my art. 

A closer look:

I’m thrilled that they misspell my last name with the mystery “L”. It’s like a weird alter ego that appears at public events. Blair. Always my “plus 1”.

My roommate and I pick up a signature cocktail (I feel proud of myself for sticking to my 2 drink limit. Three(+) tends to make me feel gooshy the following morning.) I requested the pomegranate “Sunburn” on the right.

I like older men in suits, talking shop. And women’s heels and hemlines on the floor.

Maxed out on cocktails (and no food, courtesy of my “Do not eat glutedairameat” meal plan), Chris and I take a turn at the digital photo booth. Which, as much as I love ye olde photobooths of yore — is amazing. Everyone looks good. Doing whatever. You have control of the picture taker clicker thingie and you get 5×7 prints of your photos in immediate and rapid succession. SO fun.

If anyone asks, the guns are from DNA and cardio kickboxing. The ‘tude is from booze.

We each had our Tarot cards read by gypsies. At least that’s what they seemed like. Chris got a lovely reading and I got a standing-room-only quickie where the woman asked me to pull 3 cards, said “Ah, you are emerging as a femme fata—” and then abruptly ended things, “Ok honey, we’re closing up now.”

There were plenty of interesting people to mix things up. (And for once I actually had business cards ready to swap.) This guy redesigned the most recent Academy Awards envelopes (I got to hold one…!), this hot chick photographer had a cool fashion piece in the show, and I kinda fell in love with the man in the plaid suit. *He’s got a show this Friday called “Los Angelesland” – featuring LA’s kitchiest, most classic “attractions”. Read: The place where the ice cream trucks park themselves, among other things. I can’t wait.

Thank you to Los Angeles Magazine for a super fun night!


7 thoughts on “Los Angeles Mag’s Big 5-0.

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