Fridays in LaLa Land.

I decided to skip kickbox class Thursday morning, in favor of a gentler walk in nature. I laced up my old sneakers (they’re vintage-styled Nikes, but they are also old. Just not 40 years old), left my earbuds and phone at home and walked out the door. OK, I brought my phone. It’s LA. But I opted for the sounds of the city and wildlife, instead of “Run Mix 3” on my iTunes. Even without my Kanye, I still had the theme to Magnum P.I. stuck in my head for a good 30 minutes. I just went with it.

Soon, I was tracking gravel on a trail toward the Griffith Observatory. It was a hazy (sad face –> smoggy) morning, but quiet and warm. I watched a few hawks circle low amongst the trees. I could barely make out the downtown skyline.

And I thought that phrase that almost everyone speaks when standing atop any LA vista: “On a clear day, you can see the ocean.”

Then I started thinking about it.

I thought about how I sometimes feel like I will never ever ever never EVER NEVER (You get my sentiment) see the $%#@!& “ocean” – in my life. Where the F is it!?! It’s like a $@&#^!*&@ unicorn!! The Universe answers gently, “Dear Lauren, Peace to your soul. It’s in the same fucking place it always is, because I put it there.” (In my head, The Universe keeps it real.)

There might be smog blocking the view. Or fog. Low clouds. Nightfall. Something. But the ocean’s there. In the same spot. All the time.

It was kind of calming. Thinking about all that vast, infinitely powerful potential always being there. Even when the fog today is so dense I can’t seem to see it.

Here’s hoping for patience, while waiting for the smog to lift.


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