Your East Coast Is Showing.

A tiny antidote to the blues (– and not the cool jazz kind. The sloppy, girly, sad-sack, I ate too many cookies kind. Anyway –). The brand new (not even grand opened yet) Broome Street General Store in Silverlake. The owners are warm and lovely New Yorkers and the Broome mentioned, is the namesake of the actual NYC location.

I looked at a perfectly prewar apartment once upon a time, on Broome. To give you time reference, I missed snagging it because the landlord didn’t pick up my call from the pay phone on the corner. (I’m pretty sure my Mom and I had a big, brick-like mobile phone on hand — for emergencies. OMG Mom I have to have this apartment didn’t qualify.)

They brew Gimme! coffee (strong and not ass-kickingly-bitter) and you’d almost swear there’s chocolate in the latte. There are sweet dime store treats, luxury beauty products, local jewelry, pantry goods and thoughtfully curated household items. Many of which will remind us east coast transplants of our roots. At the top of my wishlist: Bloody Mary Mix and a stick of celery.

Every time I’m in there, I wish I could shave my face. So I could lather up with a fine brush and an honest straight razor. Finish things off with their Dude No. 1 beard oil. (My pre-pubescent peach fuzz ‘stache knows I’m bluffing.)


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